The Kitchen... Burgs & Wieners Cookout BBQ

Enjoy a meal along the shores of the Grand River near Paris, Ontario

If looking for a simple but filling barbeque... then try our Cookout BBQ catered by The Kitchen.

Grand River Rafting has two picnic sites along the Grand where groups can have catered BBQS. At these sites we have picnic tables and portable washrooms.

The Kitchen does most of our catering and the reviews on the food are outstanding.

If looking for a more upper-end menu... then take a look at the Grand BBQ Feast for $25 per person plus tax.

The Cookout BBQ (for 12 or more people)... include hot dogs and hamburgers with all toppings. Plus salads, dessert and cold drinks.

$13.00 per person... available for 12- 200 people.

The Cookout BBQ will feature all of the following:

Jumbo Hotdogs (1 per guest) 

Handmade burgers (1 per guest) 

Two Salads  

1.  The Life Salad – an ever changing variety of greens, fresh vegetables, seeds, dried fruit hemp hearts etc… choice of dressings (Low fat & no sugar options available)


2.  Caesar Salad - Romain, fresh crotons, real bacon, parmesan and house made dressing


Drinks... pop, juice, cold water  

Sweets/ Fruit Tray

Another one of our picnic sites along the Grand River near Paris Ontario

Visit "The Kitchen's Facebook" for "Taste of the Week".  

At The Kitchen everything is handmade by our Chef in small batches with fresh healthy ingredients. Our unique ever changing menu will be inspired by thew seasonal availablity of ingredients... and will have exciting food options to suit all needs. 

As a small independent business, we will personally insure the quality of our product.
Chef Brett, co-owner of the Kitchen in Brantford, Two-Time Winner of the Champion of Champions Royal Winter Chef Competition in Toronto