Two Row on the Grand Evening Programs

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This year with Two Row on the Grand you can paddle to the Grand Powwow!

The Two Row on the Grand evening programs will introduce the richness of the Haudenosaunee Culture. A chance to learn and dialogue with guest speakers and participate in interactive activities.

The "Cultural Experience of the Day" for 2017 offers eight different evening programs.

Please review the evening program itinerary below to choose which events you would like to attend.

The cost for the Evening Program per night, is $15 per person, with children 12 years and under free.

If you are purchasing a Day Paddling Pass or a Full Day Pass the evening program is included in that cost.

Because Two Row on the Grand River moves each day down the Grand River... the evening events will be held at different locations.

Reservations for this event are a must... to book

For some background about the Two Row On The Grand... read this article


2017 Itinerary of Evening Events for Two Row on the Grand.  

July 20, Thursday... Edible Plant Hike with Garth Pottruff. This will be a 4km hike to a 13th century Attawandaron Village site and learn edible and medicinal plants used by the First Nations... bring your water bottles because the village springs are still there. Starts at 7pm at Five Oaks where the camping is.

Location & Time: This 90 mins hike will gather at 7pm at the lower campgrounds at Five Oaks. 1 Bethel Rd, Brant, On N3L 3E3

July 21, Friday... A guided tour of our 17th century replica Mohawk longhouse. Participants get a glimpse into the everyday life of the Onhkwehonweh/ Haudenosaunee and learn about family and social structure, as well as, some of our traditional teachings and stories. Participants travel and explore the Cedars to reach the White Pine and learn about the Law of Peace and the beginning of a meaningful partnership between the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, Tuscarora and the formation of the Six Nations Confederacy.

Location & Time: 7pm at Kana:ta Village, 440 Mohawk St., Brantford, ON

July 22, Saturday... Life in the Residential Schools. This will be a presentation on life in the Mohawk Residential School either with the film or a guest speaker that was a residential survivor.

Location & Time: 7pm at Knotts Landing on Six Nations Reservation... 625 River Rd, Ohsweken, ON N0A 1M0... 43.090478, -80.184392

July 23, Sunday... Powwow Dancing. This will be a  10km paddle to the campsite and setting up camp... with afternoon-evening attendance at the Grand River Powwow, with interactive powwow dancing in the evening... this is considered the highlight event!

Location & Time... please contact us for exact location in Caledonia... email


July 24, Monday... The Games of the Creator. Learn through the lens of the Haudenosaunee where this game has been played from the time of creation. Partake in basic development drills, learn the true history of the game and its connection to the Haudenosaunee creation story. Through physical play learn about the importance of traditional games and how they were used for fun and enjoyment but also in fostering strength, agility, endurance and team work, essential skills needed in the everyday life of the Onhkwehonweh. Time permitting, also learn about other traditional games including Double Ball, Long Ball, Bone & Toggle, Snow Snake and Rope Games.

Night Speaker... Keith Jamieson (Dr Oronhyatekha) history of the Grand... and signing of his new book... link 

Location & Time... 7pm Caledonia Fairgrounds... 151 Caithness St E, Caledonia, ON N3W 1C2

July 25, Tuesday... The Art of Corn Husk Crafts. Learn the lost art of doing a corn husk craft from a Haudenosaunee teacher. This will be an indoor experience. There is an additional cost for this program to cover the craft material supplied.

Location & Time... 7pm Grand Oaks RV Park... 107 Haldimand County Hwy 54, Cayuga, ON N0A 1E0

July 26, Wednesday... The Life of the Coureur de Bois. Jay Bailey will be sharing his experiences of living the life of a Voyageur while doing numerous trips across the Canadian landscape. He did the real thing! A chance to join in and play in a "spoon band"

Location & Time... 7pm... Byng Island Conservatin Area (group campsite) 4969 Haldimand Rd. 20, Dunnville, ON N1A 2W8

July 27, Thursday... The Sharing Circle. An evening around the campfire sharing the impact that this 7 day journey had upon your personal life as you participated in the Two Row.

Location & Time... 7pm at the Six Nations land near the "Bait Shop" in Port Maitland...942 Port Maitland Rd, Dunnville, ON N1A 2W6