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The Two Row on the Grand is an experience where people can attend as personal time permits.

With "Two Row On The Grand River" there is the option to paddle the day and attend the evening program (bring your own food), there is a second option to attend evening events only... and a third full day option package which includes food and camping by the day. 

You can purchase 3 types of tickets:

  1. A Paddle Day Pass is $25 per day... which includes the day paddle, the evening program and taxes.

  2. An Evening Pass is $15 per evening... which includes the evening program only and taxes.

  3. Full Day Package is $60 per day... which includes the day paddle, evening program, campsite, the three meals of the day and taxes.Ten years and under is $45 per day.

The above prices do not include canoe kayak rentals or personal shuttles... visit information on boat prices 

Reservations for this event are a must... to book or ask questions email

For some background about the Two Row On The Grand... read this article

This year with Two Row on the Grand... you can paddle to the Grand River Powwow! 

Paddling Schedule with all inclusive food, camp and program package.

Prices do not include boat rentals

Place & Activity
July 20
Camp & edible plant hike the night (7pm) before the trip at Five Oaks... this does not include a dinner or breakfast.
$20 per person
hike & camp
July 21

Paddle from Five Oaks to Beach Road, camp at Kana:ta Village… tour longhouse… 23km paddle


$60 per person meal & camp
July 22

Paddle from Beach Rd to Knotts Landing near Onondaga … residential school survivor lecture… 14 km paddle

End point is 625 River Rd, Ohsweken, ON N0A 1M0... 43.090478, -80.184392


 $60 per person meal & camp
July 23

Paddle from Knotts Landing to Six Nations... for all day Powwow... then paddle to campsite and bus shuttle to Caledonia to experience interactive Smoke Dancing... 10km paddle. Start point is 625 River Rd, Ohsweken, ON N0A 1M0... 43.090478, -80.184392

 $60 per person  meal & camp
July 24

Paddle from Six Nations to Caledonia Fairgrounds… learn about the game of the Creator, lacrosse… 14km paddle.


Night Speaker... Keith Jamieson (Dr Oronhyatekha) history of the Grand... and signing of his new book... link


$60 per person meal & camp
July 25

Paddle from Caledonia to Grand Oaks RV Park… learn the corn husk art… 16km paddle


 $60 per person meal & camp
July 26

Paddle from Grand Oaks to Byng Island Conservation Area… learn about the life of being a Voyageur… 27 km


$60 per person meal & camp
July 27

Paddle from Byng Island to Port Maitland… share circle of experiencing the trip… 10km paddle.


$60 per person meal & camp
July 28
Pack up, closing ceremony, lunch and head for home.
 No charge


Click on Map... For Interactive Itinerary of Two Row on the Grand.