Used Canoe|Kayaks|Paddleboard|Sale Ontario

Our 2015 used fleet is now for sale!

Every year Grand River Rafting sells off it's fleet of rental boats in the fall.

Below are the used canoes, kayaks, tandem kayaks, tubes, rafts and paddleboards available for sale. 

We provide shuttle services for you and your boats on the Grand River



The canoes... we only have 4 canoes left... two 17ft Nova Craft SP3 canoes...1 blue, 1 red... and two 16ft Mad River Canoes... 1 flint & 1 sand coloured.

The kayaks are $325 to $500. ( Liberty by Nova Craft and Dagger by Confluence) A new kayak for bigger people is 12ft Perception Prodigy for $500.00.

The Tubes are $40.00 for round and $80.00 each for Turbo Tubes.

The inflatable SUP (Stand Up Paddleboards) are $400-$600.

For further info or wishing to view boats please call us at 519 442 2519 or email



9ft dagger kayaks @ $300 (Green one)... 11ft dagger kayaks @ $400-500 (Blue one)... 13ft Liberty @ $400 (far right yellow-red)

Kayaks are in a variety of colours

Kayak paddles are $50 each plus HST.

Kayak skirts are $60.00 plus HST.

We carry two types of Daggers...

The 9ft dagger is like the small green kayak ($300 plus HST)

The 11ft dagger is like the blue kayak($400 to $500 plus HST).

Our Nova Craft Breezes are sold out (the one with the yellow lid).

We have 9 of the 13ft Liberty kayaks, ie. red hatch for sale ($400.00 plus HST).

Kayaks are in a variety of colours... yellow, red, lime green, blues and sunburst. 



14 - 17ft Mad River Canoes... selling from $550 to $650 plus HST.



Our 16-17ft Nova Craft SP3 Prospector river canoes... selling for $550.00 to $650 plus HST



Presently we have inflatable SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards).

Easy to roll up and store in trunk.

Excellent for lake and river... include fin.

They are 11ft long and can accommodate paddlers up to 250 pounds.

$400.00 - $600.00 each... includes pump

Paddle can be purchased for $50 plus HST.


 Inflatable Two Man Kayaks... Yaks

Kayak paddles are $50.00 each

Excellent for river or lake.

Holds 2 adults...or an adult in the back and children in the front.

Our inflatable two man kayaks that you can roll up and put in your trunk.

We currently carry the inflatable Tomcat Tandem Kayaks made by Tributary.

2014 models are $400 plus HST (includes pump)

2015 models are $450 plus HST (includes pump)


 River Tubes

We carry 3 types of tubes...donut style... captain chairs... and turbo tubes.

Again easy to roll up and store in your vehicle's trunk.

All these inflatables have a floor in them so you can't fall through.

Handles for locking together and traveling as friends.

All are inflatable and are designed for river tubing

Round Tubes $40 plus HST...

Red Turbo Tubes $80 plus HST.