Whisper To The Moon Paranormal Paddle

"Whisper to the Moon" is a one of a kind paranormal night paddle with Haudenosaunee Guides escorting you down the Grand River.

This program includes is three experiences in one... a Indigenous experience, a paddle under the stars experience and a paranormal experience.

The cost is $99 per person with taxes included. Normally 6-14 people per session per evening.

This "Whisper to the Moon" paranormal night paddle meets around 7:30pm and ends around 10:30-11:30pm.

How it works... meet at dusk, park your vehicle at the Chiefswood Mansion... then shuttle upstream. At the launch point a Thanksgiving Address is done in the Mohawk language... then get into the raft and paddle with a native guide talking about "life on the Rez" for 90 minutes. Exit at the Mansion and go inside to see the paranormal footage and voices collected form inside the house... then do a tour of where everything happen. The night finishes with a session of inviting the spirits to make their presence known.

2017 Dates for Whisper To The Moon to be announced in April.

For more information contact us or call 226-388-1253

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