Aboriginal Experiences Ontario | Toronto Area

Aboriginal experiences, where one can learn by participating!

The Grand River Valley, is rich in the history of many aboriginal nations... the Attawandarons (Neutrals), the Ojibwe and the Six Nations.

Enjoy learrning experiences designed for individuals or groups.

Choose from hands-on participation events, to informative speakers.

List of Adventures Offered (with information links)

Hikes to Identify Trees & Edible Plants                 The Art of Making Arrowheads & Flint Tools

Learning to Make Rope from Plants                      How to Use Fire Drills and Bow Drills

Drums & Plant Medicine                                         Interactive Aboriginal Dancing & Singing

Night Paddles to Learn the Stars                          Learn to Fish

Canoe Trip Planning                                              Learn to Snow Shoe

Night Safari on Coyotes, Owls & Moths                 How to Canoe

 Campfire Speakers... Iroquoian History                Traditional Medicine Speaker



 Grand River Rafting specializes in "Unique Learning Adventures" for all ages and interests.