Bachelor Party Ideas Toronto Rafting

Open April til November... 7 days a Week... Reservations Required.

Try an Outdoor Bachelor Party Adventures in the Grand River Valley.

 We host bachelor parties 1 hour west of Toronto in a wilderness outdoor setting near Paris Ontario.

Our outdoor adventures use the Grand River as a backdrop to experience everything together.

For bachelor parties we offer paddling trips that include survival competitions, drinking from fresh springs, body surfing, climbing 30ft up inside a hollow tree or visiting an 1830 mine.

You can order lunches for $12 per person plus HST for your trip... link to details of our "Food To Go".... BBQs available too starting at $13.00... link!

If wanting campsites... we have secluded Grand River campsites right on Trout Alley... excellent fishing.

If looking for places to eat after... take a look at these restaurants.

When planning a bachelor party... choose from the menu below to create your own experience for one day or a weekend... and then send the Grand River Rafting Company your selected itinerary.


List of Our Bachelor Party Activities

Rafting.. a 4-5 hour adventure where you can go guided link or self-guided link

Moonlight Paddle... a night paddle under the stars... guided link

Paranormal Night Paddle... this is a one of a kind adventure where you paddle with the First Nations to a 1800 haunted mansion on the reservation... Whisper to the Moon

Mike the Knapper Survival Session... Mike comes to your campsite and demonstrates how to make an arrowhead from stone, how to make string from plants, how to spin golden rod with your hands and make fire and throwing the ancient weapon called the atlatl... Mike Link

Kayak Lesson & Trip... a lesson for beginners then a 2-3 hour paddle... kayak link. We also have 2 man kayaks... fastes boat on the river... link.

Stand Up Paddleboard Trip and Lesson... learn how and then do a trip on your own for 2-3 hours. Link

Two Man Yaks... never paddled a river, but want to stay dry... try our two person yaks

Canoe Trip... rent canoes and paddle the Grand River. Link

Turbo Tubing... a 4-5 hour lazy river tubing in a wilderness setting. Tube link.

Edible Plant Hike... a 3 hour walk through the forest teaching on edible-medicinal plants & trees... hike link

Camping... private secluded campsites right on the Grand River with gas BBQ available. Campsite link.