Nith Whitewater Rafting Southern Ontario

Open 7 days a week . Reservations Required . March til April

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Try some spring whitewater rafting in Ontario on the Nith River, 1 hour west of Toronto. Rafting trips start after the snow melt... March until April.

The Nith River is rafted after spring snow melt. This narrow river of pools and swifts, is about 1 meter deep. Near the end there is a 1 km splash with waves 2-3 ft high. Excellent for beginners and families.

Wet suits are not required or really needed, but splash protection gear is given to the two people in the front of the raft.

The Nith can be rafted during the summer and fall after a heavy rain. Join our River-Rat Club to be notified. 

The Guided Nith River Whitewater is a spring trip only when the river is in flood condition. A great beginner splash route with 3 ft high waves.

Start time is 10:30am meeting at 31 Mechanic Street, Paris, Ont.

Base Cost is $300.00 per raft plus $10.00 per person plus HST (up to 7 people per raft)... includes paddles, lifejackets, dry bags, return shuttle ride and one guide per raft.

Cost to join another group doing the Nith Whitewater as one person or two is $60.00 each.

You can order lunches for $12 per person plus HST for your trip... link to details of our "Food To Go".

For Reservations Call 519-442 2519 or email us at 

“Great Activity for a Bachelor Party” (Customer TripAdvisor Review)

  I went on the river rafting trip along the Nith river. Our group was afraid the weather would ruin the day, but it turned out to be absolutely perfect!

Garth and Chad guided us along the river for about 4 hours. They could have easily just sat there steering us along, but they made a concerted effort to educate us on the local ecology in an accessible manner. Perfect for us city-slickers!

The river-rafting itself is nothing like a true whitewater experience, but if that's what you're looking for, go to Ottawa. This trip was more for a group of guys who just wanted to enjoy the outdoors and make it to the wedding day without any injuries.

I'm no expert in rafting equipment, but rafts and lifevests were clean and kept us afloat, so they must have been decent.

The entire experience was wonderful, even the booking/payment. Garth is very professional and well-organized.

I'm already looking forward to booking a future trip. Perhaps a rafting fishing experience?... more

Video of Nith River Whitewater Rafting... footage from when we hosted the TV reality show "Til Debt Do Us Part".

 Map of the Nith River Whitewater Rafting Route... 18km long and takes 4 hours to do... guided only! 


This 4-5 hour guided trip is only between March-April.This rafting trip includes guide, raft, paddles, life jackets, upstream shuttle and dry bags, taxes not included. River lunches can be ordered.


“Our first time and the Nith River stunned me. What an amazing paddle of beauty. We felt away from everything. And the splash was addictive, my entire family loved it. Thank you!" J.Emerson, Toronto, Ontario

"Never dreamed there could be whitewater rafting like this in Southern Ontario. We drove less then one hour and were into the splash.  Loved it." K.Lampton, Burlington, Ontario

"It was a great time, we all had the biggest smiles on our faces, a mini vacation away from everything."   From the Reality show called... "Til Debt Do Us Part" Film Crew & Cast, Toronto, Ontario

We keep it simple, everything is looked after by us… and you enjoy the day!

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