Big Creek Canoe Kayak Trips Long Point

Paddle Into The Canadian Amazon of Southern Ontario 

If you can imagine a river that flows under a canopy of trees... with patches of blue sky... then you have just found Big Creek!  A "must-do" trip for the novice or the experienced. This guided canoe or kayak trip is different from any other paddling experience in Ontario.

Big Creek is beautiful, the creek averages 2 meters in depth and is about 15 meters wide. It winds its way through the Carolinian Forest to Lake Erie... where it gradually transitions into the famous marshes of Long Point. Here is a review of what to expect when paddling Big Creek, called Big Creek Canoe Trips, Paddle the Canadian Amazon.

Grand River Rafting Co. highly recommends the competent guiding services of Long Point Eco Adventures. Their customer service and business integrity is "top notch". Their interpretative guides are excellent. But the best news is the price. Because of its nearby location... Long Point Eco Adventures offer the best trips for the Big Creek / Long Point area. (video of paddling Big Creek with Brian Craig)

So put the "Experience of Big Creek" on your wish list... enjoy!


 Location of Big Creek Canoe & Kayak Trips near Long Point on Lake Erie.

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