Bird Watching Program Grand River GROWE


Introduction (10 minutes) 

Meet in the main meeting room. We will start off by saying hello and learning names. We will also go over where the washrooms are and go over the protocols for the outdoor portion. 

Bird ID (15 minutes)

When everyone is ready, we will start by going through some of the common birds we will see and how to identify them based on colour, body structure and calls.  

Bird Walk (60-90 minutes)

Next, we will do a quick bathroom break before heading out on our hike. We will make some stops on our walk to look at different feeders and explain what birds would be attracted to that food and habitat. We will also be talking about the different plant life that is on the premises. 

Bird Watching Station (20 minutes)

Next, we will go to our birding station. It will have a few feeders and bird houses. We will have a couple different seed and suet feeders in the winter. In the summer we can also include Hummingbird feeders, Baltimore Oriole feeders and Butterfly feeders. It will also have log sets for the clients to sit on, to rest and take a break. We will be supplying bird books for identification. 

Population Factors Talk (10 minutes)

When we finish our hike, we will head back to the meeting room. We will talk about the different human contributing factors, on bird populations. The topics we will cover are pesticides, human development, climate change and wind turbines in migration paths. We will let clients know what they can do to help our feathery friends.  

Conclusion/Good byes (5 minutes)

This is the end of our program. We will ask the clients how they felt about the program and ask if they have any questions or concerns. 


Cost per Person

1-4 participants

$65 total for up to 4 people


Five Paying Clients or More






Senior 60+


Ages (13-17)


Ages (6-12)


Ages 5 and under



Group Pricing

Group Size

Cost Per Person

10 - 15 Participants


15 - 30 Participants


31 - 45 Participants


46 - 60 Participants



The GROWE Program is located in the Grand River Valley at the Five Oaks Centre located south of Paris, Ontario (locate on Google Map)... within a 1 hour driving radius from Toronto, London & Guelph.

Grand River Wilderness Outdoor Education is the passion of Jessica McGregor and Tara Carpenter... "Get to Know Them".

For inquiries and reservations please email GROWE at 

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GROWE Cancellation Policy:     

Programs canceled 48 hours prior to day of program will receive a full refund. 

Programs canceled later then 48 hours will lose 25% of payment. 

Program canceled on the day of the event will not receive a refund. 

Program cancelled by Grand River Outdoor Wilderness Education due to weather... can be rescheduled or fully refunded.