Pirate Birthday Party Ideas Toronto Grand River

 Open 7 days a week  .  April til November  .  Reservations required

 The Pirate Treasure Hunt was Designed for Kids... but Adults Play it the Most!

Our pirate treasure quest on the Grand River is for those with imagination... for adults wishing the pirate quest see this link.

Our Children's Birthday Parties on the Grand River is as close as it gets to the real thing.

The group rafts down the Grand River as a pirate crew with a map locating the clues to the treasure. This is for all ages from kids to adults. It takes about 4 hours to do.

How It Works:

The birthdy team is given a chest that contains a partial map and 7 clues. 

The 7 clues are where the 7 coordinates are hidden along the river. 

Once the 7 coordinates are found... the group must unravel the map using a compass and chain to locate the hidden treasure.  

With our rafts even non-swimmers can enjoy the trip in safety.... they don't tip. 

For ages eight and up... parents more then welcome... 4 hour adventure.

For up to 10 people (4 adults/6 children under 12 years)...for different group sizes ask for a quote.

You can arrange for a barbeque at end of trip and overnight camp-out if wanted. View writeup of full details... Link 

Pirate Birthday Package $360.00 total plus tax, includes guide, birthday treasure quest adventure, raft, paddles, life jackets and return shuttle.Pirate Birthday Package is $400.00 total plus tax, for up to 10 people (4 adults-6 children). Includes guide, treasure quest adventure, raft, paddles, life jackets and upstream shuttle. 

For Reservations Call 519-442 2519 or email us at info@grandriverrafting.ca

Map of Pirate Route on the Grand River 

 Barbeque Option  

$13.00 per person... minimum of ten people... link

Camp-Out Option

$50.00 per group plus $2.00 per person plus HST for an overnight campsite.

Tent right on the Grand River... sites are totally secluded in the river valley

Vehicle access to bring camping gear and food in.

We supply hand-saw for firewood, cooking grill, tables and drinking water.

Tent & equipment rental available if required.

Link to our campsites... river sites.