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“If it is love that binds people to places in this nation of rivers and in this river of nations then one enduring expression of that simple truth, is surely the canoe.” - James Raffan, adventurer, acclaimed author and Director Emeritus of the Canadian Canoe Museum. 

This evocative short documentary film by Goh Iromoto captures the human connection and the remarkable bond created by Canada’s well-known craft and national symbol, the canoe. By illustrating the stories of five paddling enthusiasts across the province of Ontario, Canada—a majestic background both in landscape and history—viewers can envision how the canoe has allowed different people to connect with their families, their inner selves, their landscapes, their homes and new and traditional Canadian cultures. 

The film underscores the strength of the canoe and the human spirit and how the canoe can be a vessel for creating deep and meaningful connections. This film is a true reflection of what Canadian canoe culture looks like today. 

Here is the Trailer Link (2 minutes)  Here is the Full Film Link (25 minutes)

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 Come Ride on the Spirit-Back of the Mighty Grand River.

Watch with each stroke as the canvas of the Carolinian Forest opens and closes before you. There is a timelessness here - a great journey that is ever flowing but never going home. When done - when the paddle has touched the shore - you are different; even if only for the moment of being there.

Garth Pottruff


Unique 2017 Indigenous Paddling Experiences on the Grand River 

  • Paddle with the Haudenosaunee Nation for 7 days down the Grand River... called Two Row on the Grand (July 21-28)
  • Experience a paranormal night paddle to the oldest Mansion on the Six Nations Territories in Southern Ontario... called Whisper To The Moon.
  • Coming in 2018... a paddle to a 16th century Iroquois Longhouse where you stay overnight with a story teller... then play the Games of the Creator the next day.  

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