Grand River ... Paris to Brant Park

Open 7 days a week . April to October . Reservations required. 

A view from the bluffs of the Grand River on the Paris to Brant Paddle 

The Paris to Brant Park paddle (formerly called the Cayuga) is our suggested trip for those new to paddling a canoe, raft, kayak or stand up paddleboard on the Grand River.  

If Turbo Tubing this route... we suggest this for our more experienced tubers because you have to paddle 1.6 km near the end to the finish point... this route takes normally over 5 hours.

It starts in the town of Paris and ends 12kms downstream at the Brant Park Conservation

This Paris to Brant paddle is about 13kms in length and takes normally 3-4 hours to do... but can take shorter or longer if river speed varies from normal.

At about the 9km mark Grand River Rafting has a picnic area with washrooms... also on this route is spring water and areas where you can go body surfing. 

There are no stores along the paddling section of the river... so you need to bring your lunches & water with you.

For reservations you can book online or call 519-442 2519 or email us at

                        Cancellation Policy

Trips cancelled 48 hours prior to departure will receive a full refund.

Trips cancelling later then 48 hours will lose 25% of payment.

Trips cancelled on the day of the event will not receive a refund.

Trips cancelled by Grand River Rafting due to weather... can be rescheduled or fully refunded.

 2018 Weekend Times for Paris... 13kms

Dates Days Available  Start Times
  Apr to May 13    Every Weekend & Holiday  10am & 12pm
  May 14 to June 17   Every Weekend & Holiday  10am, 11:00, 12:00pm
  June 18 to Sept 3   Every Weekend & Holiday 10am,10:30,11:00,11:30,12:00pm,12:30, 1:00, 1:30pm
  Sept 4 to Sept 30   Every Weekend & Holiday  10am, 11:00, 12:00pm
  Sept 30 to Oct 31   Every Weekend & Holiday  10am & 12pm

 2018 Weekday Times for Paris... 13kms 

Dates Days Available  Start Times
  Apr to June 16    Mon, Wed & Fri  10am & 12pm
  June 17 to Sept 3   Every Day  10am,10:30,11:00,11:30,12:00pm,12:30pm,1pm
  Sept 4 to Oct 15   Mon, Wed & Fri  10am & 12pm

Please be aware... that this section does have a 200m set of swifts (rapids) just before the 2nd bridge... the water is shallow, about 1 meter... but don't be deceived, the current can be fast even in shallow water. And as the river becomes low, this section becomes bumpy because of the rocks.

We recommend you kneel on the bottom of the canoe or on your paddleboard through this section to keep your boat stable... and always keep your boat pointed downstream.

Even if skilled at paddling lakes... remember, paddling a river is different... the current created over rocks can tip you.

Also be aware that your boat is more prone to tipping if you have passengers in the middle of a canoe. Shifting passengers in bumpy water... can make a canoe very tippy and difficult to manage.

If unsure of your skill levels... please talk to our staff to make them aware.

 This section is known for sighting Osprey... which dive down and catch fish... amazing to see!

How the Paris to Brant Trip Works:

1)  You must make a reservation in advance... we don't want you to arrive with us being sold out. 

2) Once you reserve, we send driving instructions & what to bring.

3) When you arrive, you register, get orientation about your trip. If going without a guide, a river map is provided and reviewed.

4) Next you are shuttled upstream to paddle back to your vehicle. 

5) Along the way you can explore and swim... the day is timeless... no set time to be off!

6)  We meet you at the end point, collect all the equipment... and you walk about 200m back to your parked vehicle and the washrooms.

7) If looking for food... here is a link to local restaurants nearby.

             Paris to Brant Park Paddling Route... Interactive Map Link


The Paris to Brant Route is the only trip that has a riverside early take out point... if you get tired.

There is a picnic area... so bring your lunch! 

We provide picnic tables, a fire pit & two portable washrooms. Gas BBQs can be rented.

There is also a 400 m long body surfing area here. In June the river gets up to 23 Celcius.

For families with small children or seniors, the picnic area serves as an early takeout point. Cuts off about an hour.

There are few biting bugs on the river and there are no poisonous snakes.

The river averages 1 meter in depth with 2 meter deep swimming spots... about 50 meters wide.

The river speed is around 2-3kms per hour. A gentle nut beautiful wilderness setting.

Body Surfing Video on the Grand River

 Things To Experience on the Paris to Brant Park Route

Drink from fresh water springs

Visit an 1830 gypsum mine

Wildlife to see... turtles, fish,muskrats,deer, eagles, herons, vultures and all kinds of birds

Paddle past a Blue Heron nesting area with 80 nests all together

Do a hike on edible medicinal plants

Learn local First Nations History

Splash in the coldness of Whiteman's Creek

Have a picnic lunch right along the river shoreline

Experience body surfing down the river in your life jacket.

The lush beauty of the forest is always worth the hike to explore.