ORCKA Certification Courses | Canoe Lessons

For ORCKA Canoe Certification & ORCKA Instructors Certification in Ontario... Wolfden Expeditions offers an excellent instructional course one hour west of Toronto, near Cambridge, Ontario.

Wolfden Expeditions is owned by Jeff Kittmer... who has a passion for teaching. 

Jeff offers a very high level of customer service and accreditations... we consider him to be the best instructor in the Grand River Valley.... and are delighted to partner with his company. 

Wolfden Expeditions canoe lessons are at the Shades Mill Conservation Area. The instruction is thorough and practical... taught with patience.

Courses are taught by a certified and experienced ORCKA Basic Canoeing Program. Course sizes are kept small, with an instructor participant ratio of no more than one instructor to every five canoes.  This ensures lots of time for individualized attention from the instructor.

What to Bring... A list of what to bring will be sent to each course participant prior to the trip 

For dates and upcoming courses please contact:

Email: wolfdenexpeditions@gmail.com

Phone: 519-716-0815

The Wolfden Expedition website link.

For those not wishing canoe certification... you can take a "On-River Instructional Course" for beginners with Grand River Rafting.

This is a one hour canoeing lesson followed by a 2-3 hour canoe trip on our Cayuga Beginner's Route.

This canoe route averages 1 meter in depth with a gentle current to help you paddle downstream.

Learn to canoe lesson ... a 1 hour practical hands-on lesson with the choice of doing a guided or self guided trip after.

Learn to kayak lesson ... a 1 hour practical hands-on lesson with the choice of doing a guided or self guided trip after.

The canoe lesson route has an early take out with picnic area and washrooms for those wanting a break.

For Reservations Call 519-442 2519 or email us at info@grandriverrafting.ca 


Canoe Lesson & Paris Trip Weekend Start Times... 13kms... Trip Details  

Dates Days Available  Start Times
  Apr to May 13    Every Weekend & Holiday  11am
  May 14 to June 17   Every Weekend & Holiday  11am
  June 18 to Sept 3   Every Weekend & Holiday  9:30am,10:30am,11:30am,12:30pm
  Sept 4 to Sept 30   Every Weekend & Holiday  11:00,am
  Sept 30 to Oct 31   Every Weekend & Holiday  11:00am 

 Canoe Lesson & Paris Trip Weekday Start Times... 13kms... Trip Details   

Dates Days Available  Start Times
  Apr to June 16    Mon, Wed & Fri  11am 
  June 17 to Sept 3   Every Day  9:30am,10:30am, 11:30am
  Sept 4 to Oct 15   Mon, Wed & Fri  11am

Map of Canoe Lesson & Trip... take the canoe lesson where you park at Brant Park... then shuttle upstream to Paris to paddle back to Brant Park