STS Corporate Family Outing

  5th Annual Summer Solstice Grand River Canoe Trip 2018

This year the event is sponsored by the company. The company will remburse up to $100 per employee. Please bring receipt/proof of payment after the event.

The Corporate STS Family Paddling Trip is Saturday June 23, 2018. This year we will do the Glen Morris route. Meeting at 10:30am... trip leaving at 10:50-11am.

Each family will be responsible for their own boat reservation.

There is the choice of canoes, kayaks, tandem kayaks, non-tip tandem yaks, rafts or bring your own boat to get shuttled if needed.

Please bring your own lunch.  

The price includes paddles, life-jackets, dry bags, shuttle ride.
Choose your boat from below... then click the link to see photos, details and book online     

  • Tandem Non-Tip Inflatable Yak Rental… The cost to rent a tandem non-tip yak is $90 for two people plus HST= $101.70. Link to non-tip yaks Good for two people per yak.

  • Family Raft Rental… The cost to rent a non-tip family raft is $160.00 plus $7.50 per person plus HST. Link to 8 person family rafts. Good for up to 8 adults and 2 small children per boat.

  • Canoe Rental… The cost to rent a canoe and shuttle two people is $80 plus HST = $90.40. To have an extra person in the canoe is $11.30 with tax included. Link to canoes  Good for up to 3 adults or 2 adults & 2 small children.

  • Kayak Rental… The cost to rent a kayak and shuttle for one person is $55 plus HST = $62.15. Link to kayaks  One person per single kayak.

  • Tandem Kayak Rental… The cost to rent a tandem kayak is $90 for two people plus HST = $101.70. Link to tandem kayaks  Two people per tandem kayak.
We can also provide personal boat shuttles...
Personal Kayak Shuttle… The cost to shuttle one person and a kayak is $25 plus HST = $28.25.
Personal Canoe Shuttle… The cost to shuttle two people and a canoe is $35 plus HST = $39.55.

If needing assistance...please call our desk at 519-442 2519 or email Grand River Rafting.
Rain date will be Sunday June 24, 2018.

If wishing to camp... please contact your event organizer. Please call our desk at 519-442 2519 or email Grand River Rafting

Below is the Glen Morris to Paris Paddling Route... Interactive Map Link 

Saturday: Meet at 10:30am, the bus leaves at 11am SHARP

Please drive to 142 West River Rd South, Brant, On... 

Everyone will be shuttled upstream to the start point... from there the group will paddle back to their vehicles.

  • The Grand River averages 1 meter in depth, safe for non-swimmers 
  • You can swim in the river, but wear shoes 
  • There are few biting bugs, no poisonous snakes 
  • A beautiful wilderness setting.
  • Lots of different birds
  • One can picnic on the islands 
  • There are portable washrooms at the end of this route. 
  • There are no stores along the river. 
  • Most people take 3-5 hours to paddle this 11km stretch. 
  • There is an emergency walk-out trail on the left side of the river.