Spey Casting School Instruction Toronto

Instructional spey casting school one hour west of Toronto on the famous Grand River near Paris, Ontario. Beginners can learn one handed spey casting and two handed spey casting.

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Spey casting is the next step in fly fishing... on the Grand River it is the art of hunting from a distance!

This Instructional Spey Casting course is from 9am to 5pm on Sundays.

It is held in a wilderness setting on the section of the Grand River called "Trout Alley".

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The equipment you need is your hat, eye protection, waders and rain gear. 

The instructor supplies lunch and equipment. If having your own rod... bring it along.

Maximum number in a course is six people... but larger group can be accompanied with additional instructors... provided we have advance notice.

Prices for the 5hr Course with equipment.

Number of  People                  One Two Three Four Five Six
Cost per Person $300.00 $165 each $120.00 each $120.00 each N/A N/A

 Price for hourly lessons per person base on a minimum of 2 hours is $60.00 per hour.

If bad weather you can reschedule or full refund.

Our Instructor is Tyler Dunsmore... contact him 


Learning to Spey Cast

Today, there is an ever-growing population of fly fishers learning the art of the spey cast. 

This technique uses bigger rods that can cast farther and with little stress on the body. 

This course will you will learn

  • Introduction to fly fishing equipment: rods, reels, lines. 
  • Set up and Knots: backing line, fly line, leaders, tippets.
  • ​Casting Instruction and Technique: This will include basic techniques for, overhead casting, roll casting, and mending.
  • On River Instruction: focus on set ups and  fly presentation for dry fly, nymphing, streamer and swinging flies.
  • Basic Entomology, and Choosing a Fly Pattern: insect hatches, timing, life cycles, and when and why trout feed.
  • Reading the Water:  holding water, finding fish, and where to position your self for a cast.
  • Safety, Conservation and Etiquette.
  • Equipment Recommendations, and where to purchase.


Tyler is proud to be Pro Staffed by the following world class companies:

https://fly.hardyfishing.com/en-us/home/  https://www.airflofishing.com

https://www.simmsfishing.com ... all rods, reels, and lines provided with your lessons.