Grand River Outfitters Discover All of the Grand

Three Outfitters Partnered to Help Discover The Best of the Grand

Discover canoe and kayak trips on the Grand River where you are looked after from Elora Gorge to Lake Erie... allowing you to paddle more!

Grand River Outfitter Alliance offers the most paddling choices on the Grand River

  • Choose from over 12 different routes... map of the Map of the Grand River Watershed.

  • No hidden costs, rentals are in excellent condition, with everything supplied.

  • One can now rent boats for multi-day expeditions down the Grand.

  • Use different outfitters that work together for the good of the customer.

  • Know that the level of safe river practises is consistent on all routes.

For a map of the sections paddled, with the supplying outfitters, visit GROA 

The Three Companies Working Together To Showcase the Grand River:


Canoeing the Grand Elora to Cambridge, offering canoes, kayaks & tubing.


Grand River Rafting Company... Cambridge to Brant Park... offering canoes, kayaks, tubes, stand up paddleboards, rafts and tandem kayaks.

Heritage River Canoe & Kayak Company... Brant Park to Lake Erie... offering kayaks and canoes on these routes.

All outfitters are fully insured to the standards requested by the Grand River Conservation Outfit, operate only during safe river flow rates and provide rental equipment in top condition.


Discover More of the Grand with the Grand River Outfitter Alliance