Learn Drills Bows Fire Ontario

Demonstrations & Lessons on the primitive art of making fire with Mike the Knapper.

Learn two fire drill methods for making fire... using a bow drill or a hand drill.

Learn about choosing the type of plant to make your drill and fireboard.

Understand the choice of tinder and fire extenders for capturing & moving fire.

Learn the simple "heads-up" that make the fire starting process successful.

Cordage Material Link

 Flint Knapping Link

Fire Drill


 Mike the Knapper offers "Three in One" Primitive Skills Demonstrations for Groups.

Making cordage (rope) from plants, creating fire with friction and the art of knapping stone for arrowheads.

His events are hands-on... his group interaction and speaking skills are excellent.

A 2-3 hr group learning session with Mike is $125.00 to $150.00 depending on travel time.

Schedule permitting, Mike speaks at indoor or outdoor events.

For further information contact Mike the Knapper

Below two videos... first video making fire with a fire drill (using golden rod as a drill)

                               ... 2nd video making fire with a bow drill