Native American Drum Builder Ontario


Enjoy a "Hands-On" Native Drumming Experience with Leon Fleury!

Leon is a Traditional Knowledge Keeper of Metis origin.

He offers educational programs in making medicine bags... making native drums... and drumming sessions with a big pow wow drum and hand drums.

If looking for an educational guest speaker... around a campfire or at an indoor event, Leon is one of those interactive teachers willing to share his knowledge.

Leon has a passion for teaching youth about the native culture... and Grand River Rafting is delighted to be one of his educational partners.

A school group getting ready to do drumming with Leon at one of our learning facilities.

To include Leon in one of Grand River Rafting's First Nations Curriculum programs... just contact us for arrangements.

The fee for a presentation on drums and drumming starts at $275 plus HST.

Leon not only teaches drum making... but sells drums made from a variety of different hides... deer, moose, bison.

Here is the link to his website for the purchase of drums and other programs.

Groups can also do a 3-4 hour educational medicine walk and the making of medicine bags with Leon & Grand River Rafting.

Here is the link to a high school students video of the medicine bag hiking experience.

Leon is one of the few men actually invited to drum with the women's drumming circle

Leon & Margaret showing the students how a drum gets its own personal name.