Nith River White Water Rafting Club

White water rafting on the Nith River is what the River Rat Club is about.

The Nith River offers some of the best white water in Southern Ontario.

The idea of this club, is that individuals can experience this splash, yet save on costs, by joining others. 

Membership is free… simply fill out the “Whitewater River Rat Club and email the form to join.  

Normally the Nith River is whitewater during March-April spring runoff, by May the river is usually too low to raft.  

But… after a heavy summer/fall rainfall… this river can shoot back up to whitewater rafting levels. If this happens... we will contact you to see if you wish to go.


 How the Club Works... 

When the Nith River is in whitewater conditions… we will email club members an invitation to join us the next day.  

The email tells what to bring, what time, where & driving instructions from your nearest city. 

If you can join us, simply confirm with an email... we need to know ASAP (by 9pm the night before). If we have five or more people confirmed... the trip is a go. We will reply by 9:30pm confirming whether the trip is on.

The cost is $55.00 each... includes guide, life jacket, all rafting equipment, shuttle ride. Taxes not included

Everyone meets at the end point... then are shuttled upstream to the start point... from there each raft paddles back to the parked vehicles.

Trips are about 4 hours depending on river speed.

If wishing to stay in the valley... recommended Restaurants and Accommodations 


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