Edible Plants Ontario Hike | Tree Identification

Do a hike with a Forester... learn your trees and how the First Nations used them... hiking classrooms one hour west of Toronto near Paris, Ont off the 403 HWY

This winter tree ID hike is about 2-2.5 hours... it covers about 30 trees by smell, touch and taste. Also taught is how the First Nations used these trees... along with insight on fish & wildlife and Native history of the Grand Valley.

If you like learning about the outdoors and hiking... then this is the trip for you!

Cost is $80.00 total plus HST for the first two people... and $20.00 per each additional person plus HST.

If weather is bad you can pick another date... or cancel and get a full refund. Our goal is that you enjoy... not endure!

Learn your plants & trees by smell, taste and touch... better than books!

Our tree identification and edible plants hikes examine over 40 different species within the Carolinian and Laurentian forest ecosysyem.

The technique for identifying is based on unique quirks... making it easier to remember and teach.

The edible plant hikes can be a "one on one" hike... up to a large group.

Distances hiked are under 5 kilometers... it is the material covered that is important... not the distance!

Below is a sample of one of our high school medicine walks... followed by the students making personal medicine bags with Leon the Drummer after.

A number of plant ecosystems are explored... so there are a variety of trails used.

These adventures are custom designed for all ages... explore while you learn... 

We are located halfway between London and Toronto on the 403 highway.

Beginners Edible & Medicinal Plants & Trees

This course is a "show and tell" focusing on the useage of fauna & floura as you hike the Carolinian Forest. Also covers tree identification, fish & wildlife of the valley and aboriginal history. This is a course of smelling, tasting, feeling and seeing! Discover the anti-fart plant... get the worse breath in the woods... try a tinge of lemon from the wild grape... identify poison ivy and stinging nettle... discover natures organic plants as they are in season. Available May til October.

Costs $80 for the first two people, $20 for each additional person. Normal ratio of one teaching guide per 15 people per guide. Minimum 2 hours. Plus HST tax 

Comment From the parents that hiked with 56 students from Ecole Ste Marie, Chatham, Ontario:

"This hiking experience was beyond our expectations... in fact one of the best school trips the students have done... better then Marine Land... better then Canada Wonderland... better then African Lion Safari!"

Teaching is our Passion... not our job... where learning is fun and educational.

We not only teach schools, scouts, 4H clubs and corporate groups...

We train Scout leader groups... we do hikes with individuals, couples and families.

We were selected as the learning adventure of 2010 for the First Nations Cross-Canada Science Class.

We were also the instructors for a 3 month outdoor course with the First Nations Alternative Learning in London, Ont

Come and hike the valley... a reasonable price... for an amazing adventure.

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Discover Edible Plants and Trees of Ontario... One Hour West of Toronto                                                                  

Many people hike the forests of Southern Ontario, but have no idea of what is there. In the Grand River Valley there is a beginner’s “hiking classroom” that teaches identification of trees and edible plants