Ontario Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons Rentals

Open 7 Days a Week . May til October for SUP . Reservations Required

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) rentals & lessons near Toronto, Ontario... on the Grand River. Do day rentals for $65 plus HST with no time limit.

Our SUP rentals include an inflatable boards (very stable), paddle, lifejacket, group dry bag, map and upstream shuttle ride.  

Paddling the Grand River is different... not only is the scenery changing but so does the river!

Add a stand up paddleboard lesson for $25 per person plus HST to your rental.

The SUP lesson is about one hour, followed by a 2-3 hour trip down the Grand River.

This is a one way trip in a wilderness setting.

The Cayuga Route (Paris to Brant Park) is an excellent starter route for first time SUP paddlers. On this route there is an early SUP takeout point at the 2 hour mark, if tired.

The Oneida Route (Glen Morris to Paris) is an excellent route to challenge yourself as there are a few more rapids and no option to get out early.

The Grand River averages about 1 meter in depth with 2 meter deep swimming spots... with an easy current. A great route even for non-swimmers.

You can order lunches for $12 per person plus HST for your trip... link to details of our "Food To Go".... BBQs available too starting at $13.00... link!

For Reservations you can book online or call 519-442 2519 or email at info@grandriverrafting.ca 

A Stand Up Paddleboard Lesson and Rental is a unique Gift Certificate idea, for those who love the outdoors!


SUP... Stand Up Paddleboard Lesson and Trip Package 

SUP lesson includes a land base introduction on equipment, safety, getting on the board, paddling stances, how to steer... then onto the water to practice... followed by a self guided paddle down the river for 2-3 hours. Lesson and trip is $90.00 per person plus HST.

Price includes lesson, paddledboard, paddle, life jacket, camera dry bag, map and shuttle ride.

Stand Up Paddleboard Day Rental without Lessons

On our paddleboard route you smeet at the Brant Conservation Area and we shuttle you upstrean to the town of Paris... paddle past some fresh water drinking springs... by an old mine of the 1830's... under the 403 Highway... past the mouth of Whiteman's CreeK... and can get out at the Grand River Rafting Picnic & Washroom site for a break or end your trip. 

Or you can go another hour further to the Brant Conservation Area.

Cost for the day is $65.00 each plus HST... includes paddledboard, paddle, life jacket, camera dry bag, map and shuttle. 

If you are thinking of bringing your own board... please understand that the rivers have rocks and elevation drops... navigating or reading a river is a totally different from lake paddling. If you are not skilled at river paddling and your board is not inflatable... it would be wiser to rent from us. 

Remember we have no idea of what type of board you have... please ask the question if your board or skills are suitable to navigate the Grand. 

Personal Paddleboard shuttles are $30.00 per person plus tax.

Father and son traveling on the Grand together on a paddleboard

Below is a map of our river Stand Up Paddleboard Route... 12 kms

SUP paddling on the Grand River is amazing... because the scenery and the river are always changing.

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