Our Guided Trips . Grand River Rafting

At Grand River Rafting... our staff will go the extra mile for you!

At Grand River Rafting... our guides show the valley the way they would to their best friend.

We have many full time professionals working for us... but teaching on the side... because guiding is their passion!

There are 40 people on staff... most over 24 years of age.

Many of our visitors interact with 6-7 of our staff from the day they book until the trip is finished.

The guides are not there just for safety, but...

1) to teach about the valley

2) to show you where to go

3) to show unique experiences along the way

4) to give instruction on paddling techniques

5) to help you feel at ease... so you can enjoy your experience.

Our staff will tell you again and again...  the highlight of guiding is seeing the joy and appreciation as people discover this valley.

If you want to express your appreciation with a gratuity to your guide, it is not expected... but it is sure appreciated!

Another thing that means a lot to our staff... is an email after your trip... or a Trip Advisor Review of your experience with them.

And if for some reason things did not go well with your guide... the guide and management staff want to know that too.

To contact us call 519-442-2519 or email us at info@grandriverrafting.ca 

In Memory of Joe Panko... one of our staff & drum circle instructors.

"Joe doing an evening serenade to the Grand on his didgeridoo..."