Outdoor Education Hike Grand River GROWE


Come GROWE closer to nature by experiencing an interactive-style nature hike. Participants will learn plant, tree and bird identification while hiking the Carolinian Forest surrounding the heritage Grand River.


Your highly educated and energetic guides will lead you on an adventure through the forest that will have all your senses tingling from the sights and sounds of the fascinating and beautiful 116 acre property of Five Oaks.


Clients will be treated to a taste of the abundance of winter wild edibles that nature has to offer. This hike caters to beginner/intermediate level. 


Introduction (10 minutes)   

We will meet with the clients have introductions and outline the itinerary of the program. The guides will go through an extensive safety talk and risk management. 


Wild Edibles Hike (1.5 hours)


Our highly educated and passionate guides will lead you through the forest of Five Oaks in an interactive way that will have you seeing the outdoors in a whole new light. The forest is alive in a whole different way during the winter season and we will investigate and discover what the winter woods has to offer.  We will explore the trail by identifying an array of trees, plants and birds along the way. Clients will be treated to a taste of the abundance of winter wild edibles that nature has to offer.  


Question/Answer/Good Byes (20 minutes)


We will all join for circle time where we pass the talking stick to share what we learned and enjoyed during the program. 


Time Required: 2 hours            Location: The Summer Centre, Five Oaks 







1-4 participants




Cost per Paying Person For 5 Or More People (not including free children)





Senior 60+


Ages (13-17)


Ages (6-12)


Ages 5 and Under



Group Pricing

Total Cost

Estimated Cost per person

10 to 15


$15/10 person

16 to 30


$14/16 person

31 to 45



46 to 60



Time for Program – 2 hours

Guide: Participant Ratio – 1:15

Link to GROWE Home Page 


GROWE Cancellation Policy: 

Programs canceled 48 hours prior to day of program will receive a full refund. 

Programs canceled later then 48 hours will lose 25% of payment. 

Program canceled on the day of the event will not receive a refund. 

Program cancelled by Grand River Outdoor Wilderness Education due to weather... can be rescheduled or fully refunded.


Risk Management: 

Our guides are highly trained, skilled and experienced in leading clients in the outdoors with the completion of many pertinent diplomas, certificates, training, and awards. 

  • We must stay together as a group as much as possible but if you are to ever go off anywhere by yourself we will have a buddy system that children will always follow.

  • No child is to go anywhere by themselves. Always leave space between you and the person in front of you when hiking in the bush.

  • Be aware of ticks and protect yourself by tucking your socks into your pants, checking your pant legs on a regular bases, and stay on the trails.

  • Poison Ivy is a three leaved plant that can cause severe reactions in some people. Stay clear of any three leaved plants by staying on the trails. Never pick any fauna without the guide’s instructions.

  • Allergies, asthma and all other medical conditions will be discussed and medications organized.

  • Always stay hydrated by drinking lots of water no matter what the weather conditions.

  • Always be aware of tripping hazards such as rock, sticks, logs, and slippery conditions on and off the trails.  



Always dress for the weather conditions.  

Dressing in layers is always a good idea since you can always take layers off along the way.  

Winter can be cold and damp so we recommend wearing: 

Undershirt, sweater, wool socks, snow pants, long underwear, scarf, buff, balaclava, toque, mitten/gloves, winter boots, and down filled winter coat/parka, waterproof outer shell.



Water, extra dry warm clothing, flashlight


For inquiries and reservations please email GROWE at GROWE.FiveOaks@gmail.com

The GROWE Program is located in the Grand River Valley at the Five Oaks Centre located south of Paris, Ontario (locate on Google Map)... within a 1 hour driving radius from Toronto, London & Guelph.