Outdoor Team Training in Communication

This outdoor adventure will enhance the development of communication skills.

Outdoor Team Training in Communication... just one hour from Toronto, London & Kitchener-Waterloo... located near Paris, Ontario. 

Reflecting on the River is an activity based learning to improve collaboration, promote job satisfaction, and drive performance.

Four hours of experiential and interactive training... or tell us what you would like as an experience... options package.

Here is a taste of our communications training agenda... link.

Everyone who knocks on our door will tell you... outdoor adventures are the best way to learn!

Above is our fleet of non-tip yaks to safely explore the river in.

Grand River Rafting hosts over 30,000 people a year... and when Chris McCurdy approached us... it became an idea we wanted to make happen.

If you have not ventured on the Grand River before... it is a shallow river about 1 meter in depth... it warms up quickly... and runs through an amazing wilderness landscape.

This river is safe for non-swimmers to enjoy.

In the year 2000, the Grand River won the award in Australia for the best managed river in the world.

The Grand is abundant with wildlife, birds and fish... with few biting insects! 

Reserve your experience... link.

Enjoy not only the experience... but enjoy "Reflecting on the River"!