Paranormal Night Paddle to the Six Nations


Whisper to The Moon... a paranormal night paddle to an old Mansion.

Experience a paranormal night paddle to the oldest Mansion on the Six Nations Territories in Southern Ontario. Step into the investigative realm with the Six Nations Investigating Paranormal Encounters team called S.N.I.P.E. 

Limited seating of 12-14 people per nightly session.

Groups can arrange a privately guided night tour starting at $600 for up to six people.

Monies raised from the night paddles are being used towards the restoration work in the Chiefswood Manor.


May 26, June 9 & 23, Aug 4 & 25, Sept 8 & 22.

Private Group Bookings can be made for other dates. 

COSTS: $99 per person... includes shuttle, traditional refreshments, paranormal house tour, rafting and Haudenosaunee guide. 

Whisper To The Moon Reservation Request ... email

This night paddle experience is open to ages 18 years of age and older.

If weather is bad you can pick another date or get a full refund.                                                                                 


Meet at dusk, and start off with a Thanksgiving Address in the Mohawk tongue.

Than do a 90 minute drift with a Haudenosaunee guide to one of Canada's National Historic sites, the Chiefswood Mansionthe birthplace of poet Pauline Johnson, built in 1856. 

On the night paddle, share in stories of the paranormal, local folklore and Haudenosaunee culture. Enjoy the star-sky, the fluorescent fireflies and the silence of the river.

Upon embarking, walk a lantern path to the home, learning the history of the Johnson family.

At the house you will learn about and experience a 2 1/2-hour paranormal investigative tour and presentation.

While tasting traditional scones and strawberry drink, watch the paranormal videos and hear the voice recordings captured in the building.

Than the door is unlocked, to visit the rooms where events were recorded.

This is followed by a Parlour Room sitting... with a live recorded session of calling the spirits to join... and stuff does happen!


About The Six Nations Paranormal Investigative Encounters

SNIPE have been investigating the paranormal in Six Nations for the past few years. Each investigation is conducted in a respectful and serious manner to document local stories and experiences.
Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the specialized equipment used by the team, review the evidence, and join an "electronic voice phenomenon" session inside the mansion.
Stories abound about paranormal activity at Chiefswood, including sightings of a girl in a black dress believed to be Johnson's sister or mother. 
"We want to thank the people of Pauline Johnson’s historic site we had a great time and a great investigation. We all heard a Woman’s voice at around 3:30am in the morning, we caught some great evidence and met some great people. If you haven’t been in this historical landmark then please take the time to; it is an amazing place.  You just may see hear or feel something unexplained." The SNIPE TEAM
The Paranormal Night Paddle & Mansion visit, is a 4 hour experience, which starts at dusk. Space is limited to a maximum of 14 people.

Groups can request their own private guided booking instead of joining others.

For more information e-mail 

 Start out with the setting sun and paddle into the night... enjoy Whisper To The Moon