Powwow Singing Competition... Native Studies

Introduce your class to a one of a kind experience... that connects! 

Our Powwow Singing Competition is probably the favorite with students... especially in a campfire setting. 

This program brings out the "wanna-be" Rockstar in everyone! 

It starts with a talk about the idea behind powwow singing and drumming... followed by a drum-sing demonstration. 

After, the group is divided into two teams... each team has to pick a charismatic song leader to coach their team to victory. 

The group is then taught a powwow melody... then each team has to compete in a sing-off for volume, clarity harmony, in sync and good sportsmanship. 

After the competition, there is a Q&A on powwow dancing and singing plus any other questions concerning First Nations. 

This session lasts 60-90 minutes.

Cost $200 plus HST per group