Six Nations Native Dance Group Toronto

Book a Powwow Style Dancing Experience for Everyone to Try

Learn Men's & Women's Traditional Dancing... Men's Grass Dancing & Fancy Feather... Women's Jingle Dress Dance & Fancy Shaw Dance...

The Six Nations Native dance group near Toronto is called Tribal Vision.

This Native Dance Troupe offers interactive, instructional group dancing to native music... from traditonal to imaginative.

Here is a video sample of available Tribal Vision workshops & festival shows.

Tribal Vision is available to travel to you for hosting an event.

Tribal Visions email contact ... website link... phone 1-519-865-2187

Grand River Rafting specifically partners with Tribal Visions because they are a dance troupe... known for being on time!

Learn the Iroquoian Smoke Dance... Welcome Dance... Rabbit Dance... Alligator dance... Duck Dance and the Fishing Dance 

Men's Fancy Feather Dance Video

Women's Fancy Shawl Dance Video

Groups can arrange to raft down the Grand River to meet the Aboriginal Dancers. At the dance site... they can participate in social Iroquois dancing in an outdoor setting. Bring the cameras! 

Tribal Visions email contact ... website link... phone 1-519-865-2187

Men's Smoke Dance Video

Women's Smoke Dance Video

Tribal Vision also is a traveling troupe, offering Iroquois Six Nations traditional performances to public groups. They will travel to Toronto, Kitchener, Niagara, London and surrounding areas to perform. A unique experience for schools , festivals, corporate events and special occasions. To make bookings for a traveling performance show or an instructional dance workshop in your locality... please send your inquiries to the following email.

We at Grand River Rafting... are delighted to host and offer this Iroquoian Powwow dance experience.