Six Nations Tourism Educational Bus Tours

Educational Bus Tours of the Six Nations Grand River Territorries  .   Reservations Required

Step from the textbooks... into the Land of the Haudenosaunee


The Six Nations Tourism bus tours are designed as an educational experience for those wishing some insight on the Haudenosaunee Nation.

A Haudenosaunee guide will travel in your bus... allowing you to experience the Six Nations Territories through their eyes.

The bus tours are available year round, but advance reservations are required. Cost for a bus tour is $10.00 per person for a 60-90 minute tour of the Six Nations Territories. Based on the group having their own bus.

Six Nations Tourism offers Three Other Customized Experiences: 

1) Try their “Love of the Arts” experience package for those who simply love the arts! You can spend a day in Six Nations of the Grand River enjoying art exhibits that will get you closer to Six Nations art and artists. You could even try your hand at creating the art yourself!
Pricing based on group size and time frame... Six Nations Tourism call 519-758-5444 or visit this page to email.
2) For those interested in more of the history and culture of the Six Nations than our “Where Cultures Meet” experience package is for you! Visit different historical sites, museums, and modern day Six Nations to learn about the rich history and culture of the Six Nations people and community. Come see where cultures meet and met in the past today!
Cost starting at $65.00 per person. 
3) If you’re more interested in keeping active and learning about Six Nations sport but also history and culture than our “A Day of Play” experience package is something you would love! With this package you can learn the history of the ancient game of lacrosse and what it means to the Haudenosaunee. Don’t forget we have a nature trail, archery AND gardens to be toured. End your day with a lacrosse game at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.
Costs starting at $30 per person for a full day event.

Six Nations Tourism call 519-758-5444 or visit this page to email or mail.


Type of Tour Time Cost
Where Cultures Meet   full day $65.00 / person
Iroquois Dancing  30 minute segments $100.00 per dancer
Elder & Artisan Speakers  60 minute segments $75.00 per hour
Into The Woods... a Carolinian Forest Hike  60-120 minutes  $5.00 per person
By the Fire Story Telling  60 minutes  $7.00 / person
Into the Fields... Vegetable Crops of the Six Nations  60 minutes $7.00 / person 
Chiefswood Museum Tour  60 minutes $5.00 / person
Mohawk Chapel Tour  30 minute $5.00 / person
Woodland Cultural Tour  60 minute $10.00 / person
Residential School Experience  60 minute $10.00 / person
Our Sustenance Vegetable Greenhouse & Garden Project  60 minute $9.00 / person
Kayanase Tree & Plant Nursery Tour  60 minute $7.00 / person
Kanata Village Traditional Longhouse Tour... contact Six Nations 60-90 minutes  $10.00 / person
Traditional Meals can be catered...    Contact Six Nations
Canoe and kayak trips also available... contact Six Nations Tourism if you would like to incorporate a paddle into your experience. 

 Paddle to a Haudenosaunee Cultural Site... on the Grand River.