Ontario Moonlight Paddle Grand River

Open 7 days a week . June til October . Reservations Required

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Experience a moonlight or night paddle on the Grand River under the stars.

We offer guided moonlight paddles by raft, canoe or kayak.

This is a 12 km paddle where our guides show you the river by starlight. A relaxing, beautiful, one of a kind experience.

We meet at the Brant Conservation Area at 7:30 pm (custom times can be aranged).

Evening and Starlight paddles are offered nightly from the end of May until mid October.

Full Moon Paddles for 2018...  May 25-27, June 1,2,29,30, July 1, 27 & 28, August 24 & 25, September 21 & 22 and October 19 & 20th.

Good news... hardly any biting bugs on the river at night!

Listen for beaver, deer, owls, herons, raccoons, coyotes and fish splashing.

We meet you at the end point where you park your vehicle... then shuttle you upstream to the start point... then you paddle back to your vehicle.

 For Reservations book online or call 519-442 2519 or email us at info@grandriverrafting.ca 

Moonlight Rafting Price... is $305.00 per raft plus $7.50 per person (up to 7 people per raft)... includes paddles, lifejackets, dry bags, guide and shuttle ride.

Moonlight Kayak, Tandem Kayak, Yak, Canoe and Paddleboard Price... (See chart below)  Includes 3 hour guided river trip, boats, paddles, life jackets, guide and return shuttle ride to your vehicle. Taxes not included. All evening and night trips must take at least 1 guide at $150.00/guide.


Kayak Tandem Kayak Tandem Yak Canoe Paddleboard (SUP)













Our Cayuga Moonlight Trip starts in Paris and ends at Brant Conservation Area... 3 hour paddle. Full Map

People are amazed at how well they see. Their sense of sound increases acutely.

There is something different about peering out and experiencing darkness.   

With night comes an amazing world of activity. There are fish splashing as they feed in the darkness. There are the ripple lines of swimming beaver and the explosion of their tails... the snort of alarmed deer... the dinosaur gawking of the Great Blue Herons.

A forest of  twinkling fireflies in June… endless chorus of crickets, frogs and toads… the symphony of the night. But the highlight is the howl of coyotes or hooting horned owls echoing down the corridors of the valley.


"Stargazer Rafting Is An Authentic Escape!"

(Customer TripAdvisor Review)

With Garth at the helm and a full moon, we couldn't have pick a better choice to enjoy our summer evening by rafting down mild rapids and meandering through the river in twilight and cozy darkness.

The constellation gazing, fresh spring water tasting (ahhhhhh), night sounds and the professional, knowledgeable and personable guide made this a thoroughly positive escape!... more


How Our Trips Work... we meet you where your trip ends... shuttle you upstream... equip you with everything... and down the river you go with your guide.

When you arrive at the end point... your vehicle is there... ready to head out... homeward bound or off to your accommodations.


We keep it simple… everything is looked after by us… and you enjoy the day!