Two Row on the Grand Directors

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 "Two Row on the Grand"

This 7 day celebration is an extension of the celebrated Two Row Wampum Paddle on the Hudson River in the USA in 2013. Our three Canadian directors participated in this paddle and decided to bring the idea to Ontario... thus Two Row on the Grand.

For some background about the Two Row On The Grand... read this article

This year with Two Row on the Grand... you can paddle to the Grand River Powwow! 

 Reservations for this event are a must... to book or ask questions email


Mission Statement 

Participant members of the 2013 Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign Paddle, working with representatives of Six Nations and surrounding communities will offer, to Canadians and to other indigenous people, a commemorative Grand River paddle of various durations with the Haudenosaunee from July 21 to July 28, 2017.   

This paddle, together with community events along the way, will engage today’s communities with the original values of the 1613 treaty – those of living alongside each other with the “Good Mind”, in peace, friendship and with a view to a respectful, sustainable future together.

Two Row Honourary Advisory Committee   


Director: Ellie Joseph... Participant of the USA Two Row Wampum Paddle, former education teacher for the Six Nations 

Director: Jay Bailey... Participant of the USA Two Row Wampum Paddle, owner of Le Voyageur Errant, education company 

Director: Janet Zanutto... Participant of the USA Two Row Wampum Paddle, former Brock University.


Support Advisors  

Bonnie Whitlow:  Mohawk, Bear Clan; Aboriginal Student Supporter, Wilfred Laurier University, Brantford Campus. 

Garth Pottruff... Owner of  the Grand River Rafting Company... and the Heritage River Canoe & Kayak Company, Educational Tourism.