Used Canoe|Kayaks|Paddleboard|Sale Ontario

Our 2018 Boats are now for sale.

Every year Grand River Rafting sells off it's fleet of rental boats in the fall. To view the boats send us an email with type of boat you are looking for and dates/time you are available... we will check our calendar and see what dates work. Email 

Below are the used canoes, kayaks, tandem kayaks, tubes and paddleboards for sale. 

We provide shuttle services for you and your boats on the Grand River


Canoes for Sale:  (prices do not include paddles)

Mad River 16'7 Journey Canoe SOLD OUT!

 Nova Craft 16 ft SP3 Prospector Canoe SOLD OUT!

Please note... if you are looking at doing a lot of long distance portaging, you do not want our canoes... too heavy!

Our canoes are designed for river and rocks... they can take a lot of punishment... but no fun for portage long distances! 


Kayaks for Sale:  (prices do not include paddles)

 2018 Dagger Zydeco 11ft solo kayak no rudder, SOLD OUT! link to USA specs and prices .


New this 2018 year our 10.5 ft Axis with a drop down skeg...SOLD OUT! link to details...


2018 Axis Dagger 12ft solo kayak, drop down rudder are $649.00 plus HST each... MSRP $1,339.00 CDN plus HST... link to USA specs and prices ... about 12 left as of April 16, 2019


Below our 2018 Tandem Kayaks 14.4 ft long

2018 Pamlico Tandem Kayak 14.5 ft no rudder...SOLD OUT!!


Stand Up Paddleboards for Sale:  (prices do not include paddles)

2017-2018 WHASUP Venture 11ft x 4.75in thick...SOLD OUT!... link to specs 

Tubes for Sale:  (prices do not include paddles)

 We carry 3 types of tubes... donut style... small Turbos and XL Turbo Tubes.

Easy to roll up and store in your vehicle's trunk.

All these inflatables have a floor in them so you can't fall through.

Handles for locking together and traveling as friends.

All are inflatable and are designed for river tubing

Round Tube $40 plus HST... (prices do not include paddles)

Small Turbo Tube SOLD OUT  (prices do not include paddles)

XL Turbo Tube SOLD OUT  (prices do not include paddles)


Paddles for Sale 

Canoe paddles $19.00 plus tax
Kayak paddles $49.00 plus tax
Tube paddles $9.00 plus tax
Chipped-Damaged tube or kayak paddles $19.00 plus tax
SUP Paddles $49.00 plus tax