Voyageur Educational School Programs Ontario


Jay Bailey is an "Authentic Voyageur Speaker" with birch bark canoe expeditions of over 4,000 kilometers along fur trade routes in North America.

Our Voyageur educational school programs in Ontario make the history of the 1600's come alive. Because Jay has lived the life!

Topics about the 1650 to 1850 Voyageur period... clothing, equipment, diet, daily routine, songs, games, dancing, routes, portages, canoe material and sizes.

Discuss the importance of the fur trade in establishing the Dominion of Canada... as well as the debt of gratitude we owe to the native peoples.

Available for speaking engagements year round, except when on expeditions.

Presentations can be done in French or English.

Can provide background slide show of expeditions when indoors,  but can do outdoor teaching sessions as well.

Teaching group sizes of up to120 students in a school gym, but have done larger adult audiences at the Wilderness Canoe Symposium & ORCKA.

Fee range starts at  $400.00 for a half day (2.5 hrs) plus mileage to $550.00 a day (5 hrs) plus mileage. (Mileage fee is $.50 per kilometer from the town of Simcoe, Ont)

Contact Jay at this email.     Or visit his website for more details... link


Thank you for coming and doing your presentation on the Etienne Brule and David Thompson trips.  It was great having you there, and your presentation was a fine contribution to the day.  I really enjoyed it, and a number of people specifically mentioned you in the seminar evaluations as being a highlight of the day. Thank you again for your contribution to making it a great day.

Pippa Creery, Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association

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