Wildlife on the Grand River Southern Ontario


       Cicada hatching out         White Snowy Egret                  Red Fox

 "We have had trips where wildlife seems to be everywhere... wild turkeys fly in front of us... deer splash across... foxes run the shoreline... hawks dive-bomb eagles... beaver swim beside us... things that people only expect when journeying north to Algonquin.

                White Tailed Deer             Pileated Wood Pecker          Question Mark Butterfly

 And then there are days where all we see is a lonely Blue Heron and some Turkey Vultures... sightings can't be guaranteed... but the wildlife is there!"   

             River Bank Beaver                Fishing Osprey        Brown Trout Fingerlings


 Small Mouth Bass guarding nest                  Red Squirrel                White Underwing Moth


     Bald Eagle over Grand River           Resident Rainbow Trout                Harmless Garter Snake


      Wild Turkeys at river shoreline        Coyote track along shoreline           Racoon City


          A Beaver chew on a tree            An albino white Squirrel      Skull of a White Tailed Deer


             Gold Finch song bird                   Breeding Carp                      Bull Frog


               Leopard Frog     Brown Decay Snake (harmless)                 Cooper's Hawk


   Canadian Goose ready to attack                  River Muskrat   Baltimore Oriole common on river


                Singing American Toad               Downy Wood Pecker    A grand daddy Snapping Turtle


                Painted Turtles                   A Goose Nest        The Great Blue Heron


We want to recognize Tony Ibele... (Osprey, Hawks fighting, Chickadee, Muskrat, Red Squirrel, Snake and the list goes on!), Phil Ogborne (Fox, Pileated Woodpecker, Moth and Butterfly) and Jeffrey MacDonald (Beaver and flock of Turkeys) for contributing additional wildlife photos to this collection... much appreciated!