Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Programs Ontario

Our wildlife rehabilitation and education school programs are presented by the Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge Centre in Southern Ontario.

Ontario's Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge offers interactive programs for people of all ages to learn more about wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation.

Hobbitstee staff can come onsite (indoor/outdoor) to do hands on educational programs or speaking engagements.

They bring with with them a small assortment of wildlife. (The animals used in their educational programs are deemed not releasable back into the wild and therefore have have special permission to use them as wildlife ambassadors.)

In return for an educational experience with Hobbitstee, they ask that you cover their travel expenses and make a tax deductible donation. 

Every penny of your donation will be used to assist the wildlife they have in their care.

Get involved... have your class sponsor an animal for release.


A Groundhog whose habitat has diminished with changes in farming.

With the Hobbitstee Wildlife Rehabilitation Programs for schools can cover a variety of topics: 

  • Specific species or groups of wildlife (birds, bats, coyotes or herptiles)

  • Peaceful coexisting with wildlife

  • Wildlife do’s and don’ts

And much more.

The Hobbitstee programs are flexible and can be adapted to suit any age group and circumstance. 

They are a non-for-profit charitable organization. As well as public outreach and wildlife education, they rehabilitate injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife.

To learn more about Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge please visit: www.hobbitstee.com

To book for an interactive program... contact them at: chantal@hobbitstee.com


Part of their program is hatching turtle eggs

The Grand River Rafting Company is delighted to be able to offer the Hobbittee Wildlife Program to schools as an education learning experience.

This is definitley an outdoor program worth supporting... Donate.